Michael Moore, Fair and Balanced

I came across this post from hippocrates, which is one of the most fair and balanced assessments I have read about SiCKO. Brilliant really, as much as the film was entertaining.

The whole SiCKO phenomenon underlies much of my fascination with the health care debate. Both the right and the left come to the issue with predictable preconceptions. Michael Moore manipulates facts beautifully… nearly as effectively as Fox News and the pop culture caricatures of conservative thought. In SiCKO, Moore strikes me as much more honest and less the propagandist than in his prior films. No solutions here, but this film has brought the debate to the fore. Only time will tell if it will galvanize anything.

After all neither Upton Sinclair nor Michael Moore are to be taken seriously as policy makers; this is not the Flexner report that forever changed the face of medical education. Michael Moore is an entertainer and a darn good one at that.