Time to Reboot the Old Blog

It may be time to reboot the old blog. My social media presence has increased and the discussions have become more intense. More importantly the tendency for people to twist my words and misrepresent my position has become intolerable.

A case in point has involved my departure from Vaccinate Washington. In a discussion with my co-founder, I expressed the need for caution in establishing COVID-19 vaccine mandates for children. Maybe it’s because she is a teacher, but she responded with great hostility and dismissiveness.

It seems that the political polarization I saw coming in my last blog has deteriorated to the point that everyone is consciously deciding to misinterpret anyone who introduces a bit of a grey area into their discourse.

For example, just prescribing caution about children’s vaccine mandates provoked a “medical freedom” activist to contacted me with an invitation to be on his podcast. I didn’t think that was wise.

I am a radical centrist, part of the alt-center. I won’t easily allow myself to be mischaracterized.

So the plan is to start writing a couple of blog posts a week and to look for media mentions from the past couple of years and back date them. I may well transfer all the posts from the past that are currently hidden. This blog was active from about 2007 to 2016 under the moniker “The Physician Executive.”

Keep your eyes on this space as I start posting more and varied media, both old and new.