Costco, Fashion and Health

I share a lot with the society in which I live.

Shopping at Costco, you always notice the overstock items run in a small number of sizes. Somebody overestimated the number of items manufactured in a given size. Sometimes it’s easy to find your size, which probably means it was either butt-ugly or mis-priced.

My size is not easy to find. People with 18 inch necks are not usually 34 sleeve. You can find 18/36 and 17/34, but 18/34 just ain’t easy.

I have message for the “shmatta” industry: America is getting fat! I’m not proud of it, but facts is facts and I’m not getting any younger, thinner or hairier on the top of my head. America is getting fat and the population’s obesity no longer looks like a bell curve. Stop making clothes for the ideal of the human form and you will lose less money in unsellable overstock.

One good thing: tomorrow is the day I will start to exercise, knowing I finally found an 18/34 this weekend, just in time for Valentine’s Day.