Christmas and Change

I wrote this 6 years ago. It is oddly suited today, because the more we learn, the more we discover to learn. The better I get, the worse I was.


Merry Christmas. Christianity was seen by Bertrand Russel as an excuse for mediocrity. I think this perception can arise from Christianity’s insistence on the potential for change.

Christianity is (or at least should be) about forgiveness and redemption above all. That means no matter how inadequate we are, how erroneous our ways, how mediocre our performance, there is always the opportunity for improvement. This position can sometimes seem to excuse past mediocrity, perhaps even celebrate it and reward it.

I was an awkward child, and a certain social awkwardness has penetrated into my adult life. But I am getting better. I have made many mistakes and continue making them. But I need to be free of the baggage of past errors in order to progress. For this reason perhaps, Christianity seems so ready and willing to forgive everything, in heaven if not on earth.

There can be no redemption without guilt. There can be no change without mediocrity. They are the catalysts for change.

Have a warm and happy day.